NordicTrack Skier Models

There is currently only one model of new NordicTrack cross-country ski machine being manufactured, the Classic NordicTrack “PRO” Skier. There were many other models produced in the past, all featuring NordicTrack’s patented flywheel & one-way clutch mechanism, adjustable upper and lower body resistance, and the ability to fold for storage.

Although all NordicTrack Ski Machines provide the same great exercise motion, different NordicTrack ski machine models will feature different options than the Classic NordicTrack Pro Skier. Below is a comparison chart of NordicTrack models and features to illustrate their respective value:

NordicTrack Ski Machine Model Comparison Chart

NordicTrack Ski Machine Model Comparison Chart

NordicTrack Ski Machine Features & Models

Electronic Monitors, Rear Wheels for Transport, Pneumatic Front-End Elevation
  • Elite
  • Pro Plus
  • Health Club 900 (Club Sales Only)
  • Health Club 900T (Club Sales Only)
Electronic Monitors, Rear Wheels for Transport, Adjustable Front-End Elevation
  • Pro
  • Achiever
  • Medalist
Electronic Monitors, Rear Wheels for Transport
  • 20th Anniversary Special Edition
  • Excel
Electronic Monitors
  • Challenger
  • Sequoia
  • Designer
No Monitors or Other Features
  • ExerScience Ski 2000
  • NordicTrack 505

All models feature the same full-body motion that mimics cross-country skiing. Each model provides a great aerobic workout, but the machines will be more comfortable and easier to customize as you move up the product line.

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  1. Jen

    Love the comparison chart, informative to know what the difference is between the models. Looks like the one they still manufacture has the best options overall. I like that it can fold up, I have a small house so all my equipment need to be moveable. I used in a health club before but haven’t used one in the home. Thank you for the review on the nordic track exercise machine.

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Jen, Thank you for reading up on the different skier models on! There is one model currently manufactured, the Pro, which has been the company’s best seller for years. Also exciting is that the selling price for new machines has come down a bit in 20 years: the Pro Skier used to cost $600 and there were NEVER any sales / discounts. Today the MSRP is $999, but the sale price is only $549!

      I’m very happy to hear that you found this information on the Nordic Track Pro Skier to be beneficial.

      Warm Regards, Alyce


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