The NordicTrack Pro Skier is a great machine right out of the box, but a few customizations can dramatically enhance the workout experience. Consider these accessories to make your NordicTrack cross-country skiing workout more enjoyable.

Acrylic Drink & Tablet Holder for Your NordicTrack

This custom-fitted acrylic drink and tablet holder is an must-have accessory and keeps your reading material, remote controls, and bottled water right where you need them!

Acrylic Drink and Tablet Holder for NordicTrack Pro Skier

Acrylic Drink and Tablet Holder for NordicTrack Pro Skier

Heart Rate Monitors

The other essential addition to your workout should include a heart rate monitor. There are many forms of heart monitors available, but for an accurate, continuous reading, consider a model with a chest strap. The models have come a long way since we first carried them in stores, and now can include bluetooth, GPS, app connectivity and more!

POLAR H10 Heart Rate Monitor

POLAR H10 Heart Rate Monitor


NordicTrack Ski Machine Exercise Mat

Although most people will not find it necessary to protect their flooring from the machine, this may be a nice addition if you have thick carpeting or want to protect your floors from sweat during a heavy workout.


Virtual Walks on Video

These videos of scenic walks or bicycling can mentally transport you to a variety of exotic locations like the forest, lavender fields, France, Greece, and more. Enjoy this great addition to your workouts!


Athletic Shoes

Make sure to wear good quality shoes during workouts to avoid discomfort or injuries. Athletic shoes are generally good for 300 – 500 miles (depending on body weight, workout style, and workout surfaces).

I have personally found running shoes to provide nice flexibility in the toe area which is perfect for the motion on the NordicTrack Pro Skier. I have found that cross-trainers (or anything with a stiff toe area) is not ideal for the lower-body skiing motion. YMMV.

Women’s Running Shoes

Men’s Running Shoes


Monitoring the Results

This highly rated scale wireless digital scale measures weight and analyzes body fat. Includes bluetooth for easy connection to the smartphone app! This popular item has over 100,000 reviews!



Have you added other modifications to your ski machine workout to make it uniquely yours?


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  1. Lisa

    I had a Nordic track pro skier back in the early 2000’s, unfortunately it got broken in transit when I moved. The company paid for a replacement which is still going strong today. They are well worth the money because they seem to go on forever if you maintain them properly. Just don’t drop it off of a lorry.

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Lisa, The NordicTracks are definitely some sturdy machines, but I’d imagine that it’s hard for anything to survive a fall off of the back of a truck! I’m happy to hear that your movers paid for a replacement!!

  2. Bob Foss

    I had the Achiever in the mid-90s when I was active duty military. I wish I had the same machine now. The only real options are to buy a refurbished model online, or buy a used one and recondition it yourself. The quality of the current Classic Pro is far below the American-made ones, and I guess that’s why people pay a lot of money for the original quality skiers.

  3. Terrie

    Hi! I’m looking for the drink/tablet holder for my skier. Do you have any available? Thanks!

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Terrie, There is currently an acrylic book and cup holder listed on ebay that should fit the NordicTrack Pro model skier.

  4. JeffWA

    Hi Alyce,
    20+ years ago I had a Nordic track skier that I used during the winter for exercise. At the time I lived in New England. Riding a bicycle outdoors was not very conducive to Jan/Feb. 20 degree weather. I relocated down South I now am able to ride my bicycle almost year round outdoors.

    In addition to the several accessories that you listed, (and I loved the exercise machine mat and drink holder) having been to the site recently I am amazed at how technically advanced some of Nordic track’s equipment has become. Also it cost a lot of $$$$ as well.

    Thank you for providing some insight on several of the company’s accessories. At least the prices for the mat and drink holder were quite reasonable.


    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Jeff, What an interesting story! In the Southeast (where I live), the Nordic Track Pro ski machine was mostly used during summer (or rain), as it was too hot and humid to get a great workout in the extreme heat!! It’s great that the heat isn’t an issue for your workouts now that you are in the South.

      I have upgraded my Pro Skier with the drink & tablet holder and new hand grips. For maintenance, I use the 3-in-1 oil for anything that starts to stick, and keep a decent coat of paraffin wax on the sides of the skis. Fortunately with this basic maintenance, it’s been so durable that my original machine from the 90’s is still going strong!

      Thanks for visiting!

      Regards, Alyce


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