Fitness Gift Guide

These fitness gift ideas are all highly rated fitness products that are designed to help people stay active, healthy, and fit. Find fun ideas to inspire a new workout routine or products to make existing favorites a little more exciting!

Fitness Gift Ideas

Fitness Gift Ideas

No matter what the occasion, enjoy these fun products that will help keep motivations high!


Cardio Machines Home Gifts

Although the favorite cardio machine for this website will always be the NordicTrack Pro Skier, these machines also offer great ways to get an aerobic workout!


Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier Ski Machine

The classic iconic piece and #1 recommendation from for “best cardio machines home gym.” The NordicTrack Pro cross country ski machine is the favorite choice for a full-body, low impact, aerobic workout.

Purchase a new NordicTrack Pro ski machine

Purchase a new NordicTrack Pro ski machine


Downhill Ski Fitness Machine

The Aeroski downhill ski fitness machine provides a great workout that can be enhanced with the free VR (virtual reality) headset and app!


Concept 2 Rowing Machine

For a great full-body workout, choose a Concept2 indoor rowing machine. A favorite of athletes for years, the Concept2 provides a smooth, quiet workout that closely mimics the mechanics of rowing in a boat.


Portable Treadmill with Wheels

This portable treadmill has a small footprint and wheels to easily be moved out of the way.


Cruising Bicycles for Adults

Choose one of these cruising bicycles in either a manual or hybrid style and set out for a leisurely bike ride across town.


Exercise Bicycles

These exercise bicycles have a variety of styles and sizes to perfectly suit their indoor cycling needs.


NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

The NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle features interactive personal training with access to live, studio, and global workouts from the 22″ HD touchscreen display.



Core and Balance Training Gifts

No matter what the sport or preferred activity, great balance and a strong core are always key elements of success. These products are awesome for providing fun ways to build meaningful strength and balance.


Slackline Kits

Building balance has never been more fun than with a slackline. Secure the line(s) on 2 sturdy trees for hours of fun for all ages!


Stealth Core Trainer

The Stealth Core Trainer includes free mobile games to make core training an exercise in competitive fun.


Balance Boards

Balance boards are available in a number of different styles to help build balance while having fun.



Engage new muscle groups with this hoverboard that includes customizable LED lights and Bluetooth speakers.



Fitness Gifts for Kids

Effortlessly encourage active play with these great items to help kids develop motor skills while simply having fun.


Light Up Sports Cones

Younger kids can use these to let their imaginations run wild with game ideas, while older kids (and adults) can use the cones to mark off boundaries for friendly competitions.


Safety Pads and Wrist Guards

Make sure they can safely enjoy more time on skates, blades, and boards with these safety gear sets.


Tree-Climbing Holds

These tree-climbing holds secure to a tree with ratchet straps to allow for fun climbing and home-built obstacle courses.


Portable Multi-Sport Adjustable Net Set

This versatile net adjusts to allow multi-sport play with one piece of equipment!


Balance Beam and Stepping Stones

Watch as kids build balance naturally while playing on these brightly colored, irresistible toys!


Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

This obstacle course for kids features 50′ of slackline plus ladder, monkey bars, gym rings, and rope knots for hours of physical play.


Youth Skull Hardshell Helmet

Keep them safe while letting everyone knows they are still tough with this Mongoose youth skull helmet.


Scooter Board with Handles

Let them relieve the best days in P.E. class with a classic scooter board.


Kids Bikes

Highly rated bicycles for kids.


Fitness Stocking Stuffers

Surprise them with fun and functional fitness stocking stuffers that are sized perfectly for stockings!



These items have been around forever because they work. Choose from multiple colors and styles (including reflective options).


No Damage Hair Ties

The unique design of these hair ties allows for styles that hold hair effectively without causing damage.


Core Exercise Floor Sliders

Kids of all ages will enjoy these floor sliders that are so much fun, they won’t realize that they are also getting a great workout!



Headbands are helpful for keeping sweat off of the face and keeping hair out of the eyes! Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors of these great fitness stocking stuffers men and women.


Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are great for both hot days and after heated workouts.


Shoe and Gym Bag Deodorizers

Keep shoes, gym bags, and lockers smelling fresh with these small deodorizer sets.


Smartphone Stands

These portable smartphone stands allow them to set up their phone for hands-free viewing — allowing them to follow along with online workouts!


Exercise Dice

Make a game out of fitness with exercise dice that add an element of surprise to workouts.


Gripmaster Hand and Finger Exerciser

Build strength in hands and individual fingers with this smartly designed grip strengthener.


Fast Drying Microfiber Towels

Choose from different sizes and styles of fast-drying towels that are perfect for both workouts and vacations.


Wireless Earbuds

These tiny, highly rated, trendy earbuds are almost guaranteed to surprise and delight whoever receives them.



Fitness Training Accessories

These fitness accessories are great for working specific muscle groups when there isn’t much room for bulky exercise equipment.


Ab Roller Wheel

The Ab Roller is a comfortable yet intense way to build ab muscles at home.


Tangle-Free Jump Rope

This high-quality tangle-free jump rope is lightweight and adjustable to provide the best possible workout.


Stretch Straps

These highly rated stretch straps can help make stretching exercises easier and deeper.


Gyroscopic Wrist Exerciser

This gyroscopic wrist exerciser is a bit of a challenge to learn but provides an intense, fun workout for those who figure out how to make it sing. A favorite challenge in my own home — guests can’t resist picking it up to play!


Highly Rated Fitness and Wellness Books

These highly rated fitness books keep them current on the latest in fitness news and wellness trends.


Pilates Ring

ProBody Pilates Ring – Superior Unbreakable Fitness Magic Circle for Toning Thighs, Abs, and Legs


Perfect Pushup Handles

These ergonomic pushup handles are designed to rotate slightly when used, allowing more muscle engagement and increased strength gains!


Adjustable Wrist & Ankle Weights

These adjustable weight bangles were featured on Shark Tank and designed to allow increased challenge during workouts without causing discomfort.


Home Gym Gifts

These days, nothing beats the convenience of a well-outfitted home gym. Build a custom gym with specific items tailored to a single sport, or opt for versatile pieces that provide multiple features and benefits.


Kettlebell Exercise Poster

This illustrated guide to the top kettlebell exercises is a great reference and inspiration in a home gym.


Kettlebell Weights

Versatile kettlebell-shaped weights are ideal for a variety of great strength-building exercises. Available in multiple styles and weights.


Wall Mounted Storage

Keep gym floors clear for exercise with wall-mounted storage solutions.


High-Density Equipment Mats

Protect floors with these mats made of high-density material to support exercise equipment.


Steel Dumbbell Rack

Organize dumbbells with this tiered steel dumbbell weight rack that keeps everything tidy and ready for workouts!


Set of Adjustable Dumbbells

This set of adjustable dumbbells adjusts from 5 to 50+ pounds to grow along with any progress.


Pull-Up Bar & Chin Up Stand for Home Training

Whether they prefer a wall-mounted stand or a freestanding tower, this highly rated equipment can help them reach their fitness goals.


Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym

A popular portable bow-shaped home gym has multiple exercise options and levels of resistance.


Inversion Table

Inversion tables provide a range of benefits like opportunities for unique inverted exercises or relaxing in gravity-defying poses.


Portable Exercise Barre

This foldable and portable exercise barre features a quick-release design to fold flat. Rolling Wheels engage when tilted up for easy storage when not in use.


Silent Rebounder

This rebounder is a FUN and high-quality piece of equipment that provides a full, high bounce for exercise.


Vibration Plate Machine

This highly rated vibration machine creates a full-body vibration that “stimulates musculature causing extra muscle contraction and increased activation at all stages of your workout!”


Total Gym System with 8 Resistance Levels

The Total Gym APEX G3 is a versatile home workout system with 8 resistance levels and over 70 different exercises.


Pilates Pro Reformer with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder

Add this versatile, feature-rich AeroPilates Pro XP 556 Reformer to the home gym to perfectly perform more than 300 Pilates exercises at home!


Echelon Reflect Touchscreen Home Fitness System

The Reflect touchscreens from Echelon are great for anyone without much space for gym equipment. This smart fitness technology requires zero footprint and includes on-demand workouts or 1-on-1 training sessions!

Fitness Gift Ideas from

Echelon Reflect Touchscreen – fitness technology masquerading as home decor!


The Mirror Smart Home Fitness System

The Mirror workout fitness system lets you choose from over 50 types of streaming workouts, including cardio, strength, yoga, and boxing. Purchase includes The Mirror plus bonuses, including free white glove delivery and installation.



Video Game Fitness Gifts

Video games have some of the most advanced technologies available, and the developers pride themselves on providing the most amazing user experiences possible. A wide variety of interactive fitness games are available to take the fitness gaming experience to new exciting places!


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a highly rated video game console with tons of great games that are going to keep them fit while having fun. Choose competitive games against friends and family or enjoy working to beat individual personal records.


Nintendo Switch Fitness Games

These aren’t the typical video games that are played from a seat on the couch. These games will have everyone moving and having fun while getting fit!


Virtual Reality Gaming by Oculus

These virtual reality headsets from Oculus bring games to life like never before!


Virtual Reality Fitness Games by Oculus

Choose from many types of immersive virtual reality fitness games, from baseball to boxing to bowling and many more!

Fitness Gift Ideas from

Fitness Gift Ideas from



Workout Accessories

No matter what the reason for the workout, the right gear can make all the difference to help stay focused on goals. Add these workout accessories for increased workout comfort and convenience!


Tablet Holder

This versatile accessory allows access to a tablet and can be installed on many types of indoor and outdoor equipment.


Portable Handheld Fan

Stay just a little bit more comfortable with a personal fan that can be used at the gym and other warm spaces!


Padded Athletic Socks

Highly rated with legendary Thorlo padding for the ultimate comfort. Multiple styles and sizes are available for a variety of sporting activities.


Smartphone Armband Cases

Make it easy to travel with the essentials on outdoor excursions (or at the gym) with these armband cases that don’t require any hands to carry!


High Visibility Safety Wear

These high visibility safety items will make sure that they are easy to see even after dark.


Sunglasses with Bose Headphones

These sunglasses include Bose open-ear style headphones, perfect for those who need to be able to hear the environment around them.


Headphones with Bose Noise Control

These noise-controlling Bose headphones allow them to tune out everything else and focus on their mission.


GoPro Waterproof Action Camera

This waterproof action camera is perfect for recording the most outrageous adventures, as well as the one close to home.



Workout Recovery Gifts

Exercise is only one part of the overall wellness equation. Treat the body well during downtime with these highly rated health and wellness gift ideas.


Dual Foot Massager Roller

This foot massager has tiny nubs on multiple rollers to provide deep relaxation to tired feet.


Rocking Motion Calf Stretcher

This rocking design on this calf stretcher provides fast relief for athletes and anyone who enjoys a deep stretch. Smart design has additional exercises to provide relief for common sports injuries.


Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

The nodes on this acupressure mat provide helpful pressure and relief to tired muscles. Rolls up for easy portability.


Recovery Drinks

These drinks contain ingredients that support athletic performance and aid in post-workout recovery.


Rollers for Back and Body

Multiple styles and sizes of foam rollers and roller wheels to help provide post-workout relief.


Ice Rollers

These ice rollers deliver soothing cold to targeted small spaces.


Cold Therapy

Cold therapy treatment is best for keeping swelling down and numbing stubborn pain.


Heat Therapy

These electric heating pads have a high rating and thousands of reviews from people who have found them to be helpful. Available in multiple sizes and colors.


Epsom Salt Bath Soak

When the muscles are extra cranky or just because it’s a nice way to relax, a soak in a bath of Epsom salts is a fantastic way to recover after workouts or long days.


Self-Cleaning Insulated Water Bottle with UV

This self-cleaning (with UV!) water bottle is a smart idea anytime, but never more so than in the middle of a pandemic.


Muscle Massagers

These high-powered massagers have received top ratings from thousands of people for providing much-needed relief to sore muscles.


Infrared Heating Pad

This far infrared heating therapy pad measures 6 feet long and is filled with amethyst, tourmaline, and jade crystals to provide negative ion therapy.


Pulse and Activity Monitors

These heart and activity monitors will help them optimize their workouts and activities to reach their fitness goals.


Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This massage chair is packed with features for the ultimate relaxation and recovery! The zero-gravity design reduces pressure on the spine to allow better enjoyment of the heat and massage functions. Bluetooth enabled



Yoga Gifts

These great gifts are perfect for anyone who practices yoga — both for those who practice at home or with others / in a studio.


Grip Socks for Barre, Yoga, Pilates, and more!

Hold poses with less slipping with these grippy workout socks.


Foam Yoga Blocks

Add needed stability to challenging poses with a set of yoga blocks.


Yoga Towel and Yoga Mats

No matter how they prefer to practice, these products help them to keep a firm grip on the mat.


Yoga Wheel

Durable yoga wheel withstands 550 pounds backbends, and other poses can be performed with ease, safety, and support.


Yoga Headstand Trainers

These highly rated headstand trainers come in different styles and colors and offer support to anyone working on perfecting their headstands!


Yoga Trapeze Inversion Swing

Add a fun twist to a yoga practice with the Yoga Trapeze Pro. Includes video tutorials and pose charts.


Which of these unique fitness gifts look best for the athletes in your life?


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Fitness Gifts for 2021

Fitness Gifts for 2021


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    The pulse and activity monitors would be beneficial not only to those who want to know how many calories they have burned during a workout but a possible preventative measure for a NordicTrack exerciser who has a history of heart or other cardiovascular health problems.

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hello, Joseph! Staying fit is a lifetime commitment and a smart investment toward living your best life. 

      Heart rate monitors are an excellent choice for a fitness-themed gift! Heart rate monitors are beneficial for many types of people and training programs, including elite athletes who want to train at peak levels and anyone who is concerned about overexertion during physical activity.  

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      Hi Lizzy, I’m a longtime fan of the NordicTrack Pro cross-country ski machine. It’s a great way to get a full-body workout without too much impact on the body and joints. It does require a bit of a learning curve to figure out the motion, but it’s a great workout once you master the technique!!

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    What a thorough article on fitness equipment and tools to stay healthy. I have used the Nordic Track for years and still find it to be the best piece of home physical fitness equipment on the market today. It’s a total body workout. However, your article goes deep into other fitness gifts and ideas that will be great for my grandkids and nephews. I really like your ideas for stocking stuffers, especially the cooling towels. Great idea! Thanks for posting your ideas, you are making shopping for the holidays really easy for me. Thanks!

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      It’s great that the NordicTrack ski machines we’ve had for years are still fantastic fitness machines. Mine is almost 30 years old now!

      Glad to see that you found some fitness gift ideas. The cooling towels are a great choice!

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    Love the balance beams within the kiddies section, and I am going to add some of those to my order for my niece.

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Michel, the exercise machines are lovely, but there are lots of great fitness gifts for other budgets too! I’m glad you found some fitness gift ideas for your family – the kids will love playing on the balance beams!

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    It is hard for some of us to know what to gift to people, and I really like the idea of using what people really like to determine their gifts, for someone who’s a workout freak, he or she would definitely love to have a fitness related gift. Thanks for these tips, they are all nice ideas. Very helpful as I shop for a lot of different tastes during the holidays!

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Shavo, For holidays I often pick one type of gift that I love and get it for everyone (maybe a slight variation between gifts). For birthdays, anniversaries, and other events, I’ll often pick something more personal based on who the gift is for. Either way, I like that this fitness gift guide includes a lot of options for the people I know.

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    Thank you for reviewing, I came across this website at the right time because we are moving to a new house and there is an extra room for the gym and we are looking for a different gym machine, I will definitely check this and show it to my boyfriend. My favorite machine is the chest press machine. 

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Congratulations on your new home! How exciting that you will have room for a home gym — I hope you love the new home and your new gym equipment!!

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    Hello, Thanks for sharing these fitness gift ideas to guide us. It was very helpful for me. Fitness is serious business an there’s no room for laziness. To achieve you must fight hard and do the work for everything on your own. There are no shortcuts, but it’s always nice to have the best tools for the job. 

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Nelson, It is true that we are largely in charge of our own personal health and wellness. However, providing the right tools and a supportive environment can often help encourage healthier habits. 

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    There are a few fitness gifts I would like to give and you have given me here plenty of options. I think I’ll buy several things for friends and family members that are into fitness and even buy a couple things for me too. The set of adjustable dumbbells is perfect for my own personal traininig.

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Paolo, That sounds perfect. It’s always a smart idea to invest in your own personal health! 

  10. Stephanie

    For someone who struggles with type 1 diabetes and having to stay active and continue my long path of a healthy lifestyle, I did find a couple of things that I think may improve my life; especially on such uncertain times like the ones we’re currently living on. I’m aiming towards the Concept2 machine, what do you think? Is there something else you could recommend?

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Stephanie, My first choice is always the NordicTrack Pro skier, but the Concept 2 machine is a great workout as well. I was first introduced to the Concept 2 rowing machine when I was in high school on the rowing team. These rowing machines provide a great replica of the motion and intensity involved when rowing a boat on the water. 

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    You’ve got a very amazing article there. Those fitness gift ideas are simply very amazing and they are the kind of gifts I would love people to buy for me. My boyfriend loves keeping fit a lot and I want to surprise him with a gift, Your review just made doing that very easy for me , I think I know what to buy for him now.


    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Caro, I’ve personally tried most of the gifts on the list and you’ll be picking up something fantastic no matter what you choose!


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