The NordicTrack Pro Skiers are built to last for decades (at one point in the 1990’s they were even sold with lifetime guarantees!), but they do run smoothest when they receive regular cleaning and maintenance. Basic maintenance should keep your machine running for many years (over 2 decades for mine!). In the event that you do have a part wear out, online retailers can usually provide the specific replacement that your ski machine needs at an affordable price.

The main components to a smooth running ski machine involve keeping the skis gliding smoothly between the wood tracks and over the rubber wheels. Follow these tips to keep the skis in top shape!

Paraffin Wax

Apply paraffin wax regularly to SIDES ONLY of wooden skis to ensure smooth gliding against the wood railings. Do not apply wax to the bottom of your skis! Paraffin wax is widely available for purchase at online retailers including Amazon and NordicParts, and at local hardware stores including Ace Hardware.

Mineral Spirits

Use a small amount of Mineral Spirits with a clean cloth to remove any dark residue that accumulates on the BOTTOM OF THE SKIS. Mineral spirits are widely available for purchase at online retailers including Amazon and at hardware stores including Lowe’s, Ace, and Home Depot.

3-in-1 Oil

For an occasional speaky wheel, a couple of drops of 3-in-One oil can calm things down. Oil should be applied to: the wheels that spin freely at the front and back of the skier, the leather pad that sits under the arm cord drum, and the bearing that sits on top of the arm cord drum. Do not use 3-in-1 oil (or any oil) on the driverollers! 3-in-1 oil is a general-purpose lubricating oil sold for household and do-it-yourself use and is widely available for purchase at online retailers including Amazon and at local hardware stores including Lowe’s and Walmart.

NordicTrack Maintentace with 3-in-1 oil

NordicTrack Maintentace with 3-in-1 oil

NordicTrack Electronic Monitor

A common part that ski machine enthusiasts enjoy to upgrade are the electronic monitors for their machines. These electronics evolved over the years, so even if your original monitor is still working, you may enjoy an upgrade that provides more information about your workout. Find different models available online at:

For other items, you can either contact the NordicTrack company directly, or quickly find replacements like tension belts, skis, wheels, electronic cable connectors, etc. via NordicParts.


Please note that prices for items are accurate as of publish date, but are not guaranteed as all orders are fulfilled by other vendors ( does not take nor fulfill any orders).


  1. J.w. mainard

    Hay.i have a Nordic track prow I bought at a yard sale .fixing it up .how do I get the stickers for the side of the unit I realie like it .j.w.

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi J.W., If you would like a “Pro” model sticker for your machine, they can be found at

  2. Thomas Buckley

    We have the Achiever and are trying to find a new tension strap. Can you send me an email with a direction to take to locate one.

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Thomas, You can purchase a new acheiver drag strap at

  3. Craig

    My parents used to have one of these back in the 90s. I’m not sure what happened to it but I would love to find it and get it working again.

    If it is not possible to find it, are the nordic track pro skiers still the best in the market or are there better models out there now?

    1. Alyce (Post author)

      Hi Craig, If you can find your parents old NordicTrack Pro Skier, then it’s probably still in great working shape. There were many models made in the past, but today the only model still made is the Pro. The Pro was always the best-selling model and has all of the features that the NordicTrack skiers are known for.

      Thanks for visiting

      Regards, Alyce


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