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The Iconic NordicTrack Pro Skier

In an industry where fitness fads come and go, the iconic NordicTrack Pro Cross-Country Ski Machine has endured as a durable and effective favorite for over 40 years! Have you ever wondered about the secret to it’s lasting popularity and passionate cult following?

The NordicTrack Pro Skier is the flagship model of what was once a large line of at-home Cross-Country ski exercise machines. The smooth, natural motion of NordicTrack ski machines offer a gentle, non-impact exercise without discomfort. Adjustable resistance and elevation let you adjust the intensity of your workouts to your own goals and specifications. The attached feedback monitor window tracks time, distance, calories, and pulse. The lasting construction of the steel and oak frame led Bloomberg Magazine to comment in 1998, “once you have a NordicTrack, you never need another one.”¹


Cross-country skiing is an all over, full body aerobic exercise that engages all major muscle groups in the core, upper body, & lower body. The upright, weight bearing position burns hundreds of calories per hour while while simultaneously working both the “pulling” and “pushing” muscles of each region. The gliding motion avoids major shock to the feet, knees, & hips, making it easy on the body. Finally, the natural motion is easy to learn – it’s similar to swinging your arms (or swinging walking sticks) when walking.


Non-motorized machine is quieter than most electric equipment and can be used anywhere with no need for access to electric outlets! The wheeled, folding design can easily be moved and stored out of the way. An electronic monitor keeps track of time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. One year warranty on parts. Adjustable resistance and elevation settings customize the workout to your individual intensity preferences. Non-impact exercise (feet stay on ground) is easy on all joints.


If there is any drawback to the NordicTrack ski machines, it is that they do have a learning curve. The motion is natural and easy once you understand how the one-way clutch only provides resistance as you push the ski back behind you. There is no resistance as you pull the ski forward – do not “shuffle” your feet or you could lose balance. With the help of customer service and a multitude of instructional videos, it is an easy thing to master. New machines purchased from NordicTrack.com also have a 30-day return policy, to allow plenty of time to learn this new skill.


PURCHASE NEW (warranty included)

Buy new machines directly from the manufacturer and take advantage of sales, special financing options, a 1 year warranty on all parts, and an option to purchase in-home assembly and set-up!

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These merchants carry used ski machines from 3rd party sellers, but be sure to note the model type as the quality can vary widely depending on the model:

• CHEAPER models produced in the past include “Challenger”, “20th Anniversary Special Edition”, “Sequoia”, and “Excel”

• MORE EXPENSIVE models included the “Achiever”, “Elite”, and “Health Club 900”

• ALTERNATE models to the traditional ski machines include “EasySki”, “NordicFlex”, elliptical machines, and treadmills

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  • PATENTED FLYWHEEL produces a natural motion and adjusts for different levels of resistance
  • Wheeled, foldable machine can be moved and stored easily
  • ADJUSTABLE ELEVATION allows you to add variety to your lower body workout
  • RESISTANCE independent resistance controls for the arms and legs let you vary the intensity of upper- and lower-body workouts
  • FEEDBACK monitor displays time, distance, calories burned, and pulse
  • NordicTrack’s WARRANTY offers 1 year of coverage on all parts
  • SIZE 93″ L X 23.5″ W X 60″ H

NordicTrack Pro Skier

NordicTrack Pro Skier


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